Dosdecadatres is a small creative studio based in Madrid and focused on graphic design, data visualization and moving image. Since 2004.

Living to the Fullest (...) A choreography around a bottle where each graphic element orbits without pause. Video made for MAHOU –spanish beer brand– to be projected during the Madrid Fashion Week. Commissioned by Interbrand Madrid.

Awards: RED DOT "Best of the Best" 2013, Silver LAUS 2014.

»This video manages to break loose from the familiar advertising aesthetics in this branch by creating an entirely new style. The various elements such as animation, typography and, above all, the sound design are interwoven in a highly elegant manner in order to create an engaging and lasting impression. The video thus gives convincing proof that beer can also be envisioned differently.« –Statement by the Red Dot jury.
Water for Life (...) Opening titles for the 7th International Water Congress. With chemistry we can create water, transforming unsafe water into drinking water. Write the word "WATER" with laboratory objects was the chosen way to tell this idea. Client: Spanish Chemistry National Association.

Awards & Merits: Silver LAUS 2011, Vimeo Staff Pick
Annual Report (...) Design for Spanish Corrugated Board Association. The publication consists of two parts; The first explains the work of the association while the second is an economic annex. For data representation we use the carton wave as the main element for development a graphic system. Cardboard cover; kraft and recycled paper inside.
Lines and Circles (...) What is the simplest way to draw a pair glasses? With lines and circles. To tell this story we mix lines and circles for design several objects; vinyl records, arrows, streets, bows, eyes, glasses,... Art direction and animation for cinema ad made for Kaleos glasses shop.
Numbers (...) Experiment about typography, stamp texture, motion and sound design.
Brand Identity (...) IPS is the Institute for Sustainable Production. Sustainable production means doing the same with less, using only the minimum raw materials, energy, resources,etc. Basic geometric shapes help to visualize this idea, develop a graphical system and create a brand identity beyond the logo.
Inside Iberostar (...) The exact distance to the dartboard, the perfect temperature for a massage, the right point of the flesh and the same number of petals in each bath. Every detail is taken into account to make an amazing holidays. Thanks to infographics we could to transmit all this care and precision. Design, animation and compositing. Commissioned by Freelance For Free for Sra. Rushmore. Directed by: David Salaices.
Infographic Brochure (...) Every year AFCO, Spanish Corrugated Board Association, publishes the main numbers of the corrugated board industry in Spain and send it to their partners and key stakeholders. This infographic depicts the scheme of running of a corrugating machine cardboard.
30 years of VIH (...) Design of interactive infographics to explain how works HIV within our body. You can see them in the app that was developed on the occasion of 30th anniversary of the HIV discovery. Download app
Through the Breaking Glass (...) Ending credits for Iván Mena-Tinoco shortfilm "Through the Breaking Glass". As in the shortfilm, the credits are also a journey, this time typographical. Magic boxes, stars, mirrors and lot of fantasy. For more information go to official website. Music by: Zacarías M. de La Riva

Dosdecadatres is a small creative studio –based in Madrid– focused on graphic design, data visualization and moving image. We also craft projects in brand identity, brand films, infographics, title credits and motion graphics. Since 2004.

Dosdecadatres aims to communicate good and well told ideas. We are in love with typography and can't avoid to put special attention into any detail.

We work for advertising agencies, brand consultancy, audiovisual production companies and all types of business that have something to communicate.

Awards & Merits
2014 LAUS, Silver. “Living to the fullest” MAHOU, Audiovisuals.
2013 RED DOT, Best of the Best. “Living to the fullest” MAHOU, Corporate Film.
2011 LAUS, Silver. “Water” ANQUE, Credits Titles.
2009 ADC*E, nomination. “King Kong Forever” Leo Burnett, Website.
2008 CdeC, Shortlist. “King Kong Forever” Leo Burnett, Website.

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